How We Transformed This Camper Van In 6 Weeks With Only £1000


The Morgans had never done anything like this before. With a crazy budget of only £1000, and a ridiculous deadline of just 6 weeks. They worked day and night to refit their old, 80’s factory fits camper van. Creating a stunning home from home.
A few months after marrying, Scott and Ellie Morgan suffered a loss in early pregnancy, they had dreamed their baby would be a little girl, who they had planned to name Florence. The Morgans found peace in the great outdoors, setting out on epic hikes into the Mountains of Wales. One day they spotted this old Camper Van, rotting away in a strangers driveway. They managed to persuade the owner to sell it to them. So started their Van Life adventures. They found their adventures in the van, bought them both a great deal of peace, it gave them a new sense of direction and a purpose. They lovingly named the van – Florence
The van rebuild was a real labor of love, they wanted to create a relaxing and happy environment. A place where they could really feel at home. They had no idea what an arduous task it would be. They worked tirelessly night and day, for 6 weeks. With very little spare money, they had to learn new skills and become resourceful. Building everything themselves from scratch. Scott became a carpenter, plumber and electrician and Ellie a seamstress, painter, and decorator.
What they achieved is a touching tribute to their Florence, a dream that never came true. Sometimes the dreams that do come true are the ones we never even knew we had.
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